Renan's Pictures

Posted June 28, 2007

Final pictures from Renan's year

Last Rotary Breakfast

His NEW haircut, thanks to his exchange buddies!

Last Rotary speech

He pulls his host Dad's ticket for the 50/50

Ringing the bell to end his final meeting

His extended Host Family at Miami Airport

Renan with Sara, Drew and Lisa at MIA

Posted May 6, 2007

Renan's Pictures from the Bahamas Trip


See Renan's Seacamp Pictures

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Posted November 4, 2006

More of Renan's Halloween pictures

Captions by Renan

Mimi, Marit and me

Me, Laurene and Rosali

Halloween Party!

Polo will win the Halloween contest!

Before going for trick or treat

Trick or treating

Halloween house 1

Halloween house 2

Halloween house 3

Posted November 1, 2006

Renan does Halloween!

(he is the one on the right!)

October 28, 2006

Renan visits Michigan with host Mom, Billie Syse and sister Jannike, does a Bowl-a-thon and catches a fish!

Billie's family - Owosso

It was windy there




Nuts! first time that I saw them!

Mickey, Jannike and me - Houghton Lake

sunset at Houghton Lake


s'more! it's delicious

Kim, Shayna and Nicole

Me, Nicole, Kim and Shayna


September 14, 2006

Renan is having fun here!

Captions by Renan

was when an iguana was here hehe ^^

when I went to a boat ride with Petter and Kristin, but I lost some pictures of this day... =(

I, Billie, Mimi (exchange student from Japan) and Tammy (Mimi's host mother) went bowling ^^ I had fun there, in Yeah!

look at Mimi's score, she made 4 strikes in a row!!!

it was when I went kaiaking for the first time

August 29, 2006

Renan attends first Rotary meeting

(and has to get up early on a day school is cancelled!)

Renan and Host Mom Billie Syse attend Coral Springs - Parkland Rotary meeting

August 8, 2006

Renan Arrives!

Welcome to Florida!

From right to left:  Pat Short Hornsby, YEO; Kerry Marraffino, South American Coordinator; Renan; Jannike Syse, host sister.  We have no clue who the guy on the left is - he was running around the airport sneaking into family pictures

Renan with the Syse family

Jannike, host sister

Billie, host mom

Petter, host dad