Jillian's Pictures

May 7, 2006

Jillian05-06-06.jpg (104356 bytes)

Diane, Me, Paulo, and Mari

Jillian05-06-06 (1).jpg (73104 bytes)

Me and Mari

Jillian05-06-06 (2).jpg (68518 bytes)

The Hermitage

Jillian05-06-06 (3).jpg (74741 bytes)

Nick, Diane, Me, Gabi, Mari, and Emmy with our Russian hats

Jillian05-06-06 (4).jpg (111208 bytes)

Maatuskat(that's the finnish word.  I don't know the english or russian word for them

Jillian05-06-06 (5).jpg (56826 bytes)

There was some audience participated-Russian folk dancing at dinner one night.

Jillian05-06-06 (7).jpg (87160 bytes)

A painting of Cupid in Pavloshki(sp?)'s Palace.  The arrow follows you wherever you go.

Jillian05-06-06 (6).jpg (72158 bytes)

The sunset in St. Petersburg.

Jillian05-06-06 (8).jpg (71377 bytes)

Amanda, Me, and Jodi after the circus

Jillian05-06-06 (9).jpg (47768 bytes)

Firebreather/eater in the Russian circus

Jillian05-06-06 (15).jpg (78598 bytes)

In the Russian circus, men from the audience strip down to their boxers and go in pools in dressy outfits to race for a special prize

Jillian05-06-06 (10).jpg (61763 bytes)

Macdonalds 'translated' into russian


Jillian05-06-06 (11).jpg (24173 bytes)

I think this guy was one of the czars

Jillian05-06-06 (12).jpg (61524 bytes)


Jillian05-06-06 (13).jpg (61977 bytes)

Me at my birthday party with the cakes I made at my host counselor's house


Jillian05-06-06 (14).jpg (71573 bytes)

The party was in Mine and Amanda's room

March 12, 2006

Here are some photos from the Vanha Tansi (Old Days'  Dance)

Jillian03-12-06 (5).jpg (94106 bytes)

My partner and I

Jillian03-12-06 (6).jpg (87172 bytes)

Jillian03-12-06 (7).jpg (114040 bytes)


Jillian03-12-06 (8).jpg (143932 bytes)

All the dancers

Jillian03-12-06 (9).jpg (140485 bytes)

Once of the dances

Jillian03-12-06 (10).jpg (112098 bytes)

The "Cocktail Party" at the school

Jillian03-12-06 (11).jpg (119627 bytes)

We gave the dance teacher flowers

Jillian03-12-06 (12).jpg (150507 bytes)

Dancing with the audience

Jillian03-12-06 (13).jpg (156923 bytes)

This is what the 3rd year students (our equivalent to Seniors) do when they graduate.  They ride on the back of trucks throwing candy to kids in the streets

Jillian03-12-06.jpg (142433 bytes)

Maybe I learned, maybe I didn't

Jillian03-12-06 (1).jpg (152657 bytes)

It was pretty cold when they were riding

Jillian03-12-06 (2).jpg (124541 bytes)

Jillian03-12-06 (3).jpg (69835 bytes)


Jillian03-12-06 (4).jpg (70467 bytes)

February 12, 2006

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Here is a picture of my host club and I

Jillian02-07-06 (1).jpg (231192 bytes)

These are some panoramas i put together:
Finnish orthodox church....

Jillian02-07-06 (2).jpg (87316 bytes)

At the top of the old mine by my house....

OVER THE WEEKEND OF January 26, 2006

Pictures from Helsinki 26.01.06

Jillian02-06-06.jpg (161863 bytes)

The Great Church

Jillian02-06-06 (1).jpg (142916 bytes)

The ducks in the harbor

Jillian02-06-06 (2).jpg (160310 bytes)

The orthodox church

Pictures from Tallinn, Estonia 26-27.01.06

Jillian02-06-06 (3).jpg (171453 bytes)

Jillian02-06-06 (4).jpg (129133 bytes)

Tallinn Panorama

Jillian02-06-06 (5).jpg (171334 bytes)

The oldest ruins in the Old City

Jillian02-06-06 (6).jpg (140809 bytes)

The view from our hotel room window

Jillian02-06-06 (7).jpg (199852 bytes)

Market Square in the Old City

Jillian02-06-06 (8).jpg (188646 bytes)

Jillian02-06-06 (10).jpg (228769 bytes)

Grannies sell knitted items out of holes in the wall surrounding the Old City

Jillian02-06-06 (9).jpg (165164 bytes)

Me at the place overlooking Tallinn

Jillian02-06-06 (11).jpg (197957 bytes)

and with my host sisters

Jillian02-06-06 (12).jpg (230523 bytes)

"Will you marry me?!?!?"

Jillian02-06-06 (13).jpg (243631 bytes)

Tallink-Our cruise ship

Jillian02-06-06 (14).jpg (257698 bytes)

The sun over the water







DECEMBER 2-7, 2005


Jillian12-13-05(a).jpg (178049 bytes)

The guys on my bus.

Jillian12-13-05 (1).jpg (20103 bytes)

Sunrise through the windshield.

Jillian12-13-05 (2).jpg (70413 bytes)

The sunrise in Lapland.

Jillian12-13-05 (3).jpg (52160 bytes)

Fat snowmen near an airport we passed

Jillian12-13-05 (4).jpg (205839 bytes)

Some of my friends...Sara(NY), Lisa(Germany), Diane(Indiana)

Jillian12-13-05 (5).jpg (124758 bytes)

The HOTEL we stayed at, Harriniva.

Jillian12-13-05 (8).jpg (134866 bytes)

All the trees looked like this.


Jillian12-13-05 (6).jpg (146167 bytes)

The ski slope.

Jillian12-13-05 (7).jpg (130767 bytes)

From the top of the kiddy hill.  In the back right corner are the ''fells''

Jillian12-13-05 (9).jpg (187139 bytes)

This is COLD...-25C/-13F!

Jillian12-13-05 (10).jpg (170188 bytes)

Gabby(Brazil), Camila(Brazil), Diane, Me, Mari(Japan)


Jillian12-13-05 (11).jpg (73100 bytes)

The Brazilians


Jillian12-13-05 (12).jpg (73484 bytes)

The French kids


Jillian12-13-05 (13).jpg (156899 bytes)

On the dog sled


Jillian12-13-05 (14).jpg (134475 bytes)

Rawrrr!!!  Not quite Balto


Jillian12-13-05 (16).jpg (103941 bytes)

There he is!  The first one!  It's Balto!


Jillian12-13-05 (17).jpg (171864 bytes)

The Arctic Circle.


Jillian12-13-05 (19).jpg (119653 bytes)

One of the reindeer.


Jillian12-13-05 (20).jpg (117933 bytes)

The lead reindeer.  Reindeer Tush!!

Jillian12-13-05 (21).jpg (156057 bytes)

We learned how to laso reindeer.


Jillian12-13-05 (22).jpg (137110 bytes)

Me, Sara, and Moni(Ecuador)


Jillian12-13-05 (23).jpg (160574 bytes)

We cooked our sausage...


Jillian12-13-05 (24).jpg (161211 bytes)

...and ate it


Jillian12-13-05 (25).jpg (217381 bytes)

Another frosty tree.  They're so pretty.

Jillian12-13-05 (26).jpg (184345 bytes)

A campfire in a teepee


Jillian12-13-05 (27).jpg (19273 bytes)

Northern Lights.  I couldn't get any really good pictures of them because my camera didn't have the right settings.


Jillian12-13-05 (28).jpg (110658 bytes)

Exchange students.


Jillian12-13-05 (29).jpg (149493 bytes)

One of the ''fells''


Jillian12-13-05 (30).jpg (27317 bytes)

On the bus.  I love this picture.


Jillian12-13-05 (31).jpg (106333 bytes)

Exchange student ghosts...or just the walking dead.


Jillian12-13-05 (32).jpg (25215 bytes)

Welcome to harriniva

Jillian12-13-05 (33).jpg (151300 bytes)

A little stuffed critter.

Jillian12-13-05 (34).jpg (129212 bytes)

The pretty lapland ski slope


Jillian12-13-05 (35).jpg (200111 bytes)

More fat snowmen.  This time at Santa's Village


Jillian12-13-05 (38).jpg (175733 bytes)

Santa's Main Office.


Jillian12-13-05 (36).jpg (111484 bytes)

In Santa's main post office.  The letters are kept in bullet proof glass boxes so armed men who want the international stamps can steal them.  True story

Jillian12-13-05 (37).jpg (127308 bytes)

Traditional Lapland dress.  This guy's outfit was awesome.

Jillian12-13-05 (39).jpg (218924 bytes)

One of many Xmas trees


Jillian12-13-05 (40).jpg (127493 bytes)

Lisa with Rudolf


Jillian12-13-05 (41).jpg (145241 bytes)

And we went snowshoeing


Jillian12-13-05 (42).jpg (114517 bytes)

Snow angel!!!


Jillian12-13-05 (43).jpg (152080 bytes)

Even the gas station looked pretty.


Jillian12-13-05 (44).jpg (108787 bytes)

Me, Joulupukki, and Lisa. This is a professional photo. No one was allowed to bring their own camera in to see Santa

November 12, 2005

Jillian111205.jpg (127536 bytes)

My New Room

My host sister and I went to an old abandoned factory one day...

Jillian111205 (2).jpg (119417 bytes)

The factory was quite large in comparison to us

Jillian111205 (3).jpg (131731 bytes)

The inside of the factory

Jillian111205 (4).jpg (102310 bytes)

The other part of the factory

Jillian111205 (5).jpg (71453 bytes)

The nasty water surrounding the factory

Jillian111205 (7).jpg (124345 bytes)

My host sister and I messing around at the factory
Katariina and I

Jillian111205 (8).jpg (115936 bytes)

Jillian111205 (9).jpg (112502 bytes)

Jillian111205 (10).jpg (120622 bytes)

Jillian111205 (11).jpg (119883 bytes)

After the factory, we drove to one of the highest points in town, a

Jillian111205 (12).jpg (127055 bytes)

Katariina and I at the cliff

Jillian111205 (13).jpg (92437 bytes)

The views of the forest from the cliff

Jillian111205 (14).jpg (91980 bytes)


On Finnish Halloween, we went to the cemetary to light candles for the
deceased relatives..

Jillian111205 (15).jpg (59386 bytes)

You can put a candle here if your relative isn't buried at this cemetary

Jillian111205 (16).jpg (73910 bytes)

Some of the candles

Jillian111205 (17).jpg (53708 bytes)

There were candles everywhere


Katariina and I decided to create our own juice with some limes, kiwis,
lemons, and a papaya.  It was disgusting...

Jillian111205 (18).jpg (61653 bytes)

The fruit we used


Jillian111205 (19).jpg (74982 bytes)

The finished product

Jillian111205 (20).jpg (60451 bytes)

The little lemon soldier

On Finnish Halloween, my host mom, sister, and I made pulla(buns)...

Jillian111205 (21).jpg (73572 bytes)

Step 1


Jillian111205 (22).jpg (66690 bytes)

Step 2


Jillian111205 (23).jpg (64638 bytes)

Step 3


Jillian111205 (24).jpg (67558 bytes)

Step 4


Jillian111205 (25).jpg (74574 bytes)

Step 5


Jillian111205 (26).jpg (103439 bytes)

Step 6


Jillian111205 (27).jpg (96720 bytes)


Jillian111205 (28).jpg (95100 bytes)

The finished buns

Jillian111205 (29).jpg (79138 bytes)

Then we ate them with homemade lemonade

Jillian111205 (30).jpg (55457 bytes)

Pictures from Kumpurock, a concert that came to my town...

Jillian111205 (31).jpg (69189 bytes)

Jillian111205 (32).jpg (63816 bytes)

Jillian111205 (33).jpg (83086 bytes)

Jillian111205 (34).jpg (79894 bytes)

This is how dark it is when I walk home from school

Jillian111205 (35).jpg (80291 bytes)

View of the town during the evening from the old mine

Jillian111205 (36).jpg (126896 bytes)

The legendary Go Cart

October 23, 2005

Various photos of Finland from my trip to Tampere/Nokia(the city)

Jillian102305.jpg (123101 bytes)

Nokia-what Finland is known for

Jillian102305 (1).jpg (122203 bytes)

The view out of a hotel window

Jillian102305 (2).jpg (130235 bytes)

The Panda Candy Factory

Jillian102305 (3).jpg (131630 bytes)

The inside workings of the candy factory

Jillian102305 (4).jpg (123973 bytes)

She reminds me of that one episode of I Love Lucy

Jillian102305 (5).jpg (150635 bytes)

The Finns love their candy

Jillian102305 (6).jpg (130627 bytes)

I still don't fully understand why these pandas were at the gas station.

Jillian102305 (7).jpg (126324 bytes)

Tampere by night

Jillian102305 (8).jpg (108572 bytes)

They already have light decorations in the city

Jillian102305 (9).jpg (119241 bytes)

Tampere keskustori at night

Jillian102305 (10).jpg (116310 bytes)

A decoration on the railway station

Jillian102305 (11).jpg (115824 bytes)

One side of the rapids in Tampere at night

Jillian102305 (12).jpg (127714 bytes)

I was able to see some of my exchange student friends in Tampere

Jillian102305 (13).jpg (137954 bytes)

Oct. 23rd-the first snowfall.  The train tracks by my home.

Jillian102305 (14).jpg (109016 bytes)

Oct. 23rd-the first snowfall.  My favorite field near my home.

October 18, 2005

Helsinki on Helsinki Day

Jillian101805 (1).jpg (68672 bytes)

In front of suurikirkko

Jillian101805.jpg (95274 bytes)

Inside Suurikirkko

Jillian101805 (3).jpg (96188 bytes)

Helsinki's Rautatieasema(Railway Station)

Jillian101805 (4).jpg (69343 bytes)

Boats in the Harbor with Kaupungintalo and Suurikirkko in the background

Jillian101805 (2).jpg (93743 bytes)

All the flags in the Europpean Union

Jillian101805 (5).jpg (51939 bytes)


Jillian101805 (6).jpg (92347 bytes)

A typical ship at Helsinki Day

Jillian101805 (8).jpg (112796 bytes)

Music on the Boats

Jillian101805 (9).jpg (89333 bytes)

The 100+ year old ship in the harbor

Jillian101805 (11).jpg (56939 bytes)

Czar Alexander II

Jillian101805 (7).jpg (76013 bytes)

A ship going to Sweden

Jillian101805 (10).jpg (90805 bytes)

Right- Presidential Palace, Left- Orthodox Church

Jillian101805 (13).jpg (96442 bytes)

Inside Stockmann's

Jillian101805 (12).jpg (80893 bytes)

University in Helsinki

Jillian101805 (16).jpg (89332 bytes)

View of the senate building from the top of the steps of Suurikirkko

Jillian101805 (14).jpg (104158 bytes)

Boats in the Harbor

Jillian101805 (15).jpg (88742 bytes)

Suurikirkko(literally, Big Church) aka St. Nicholas's Cathedral

Jillian101805 (17).jpg (99940 bytes)

Svenska Teatteri(Swedish Theater)

Jillian101805 (18).jpg (65047 bytes)

Eduskuntatalo-parliament building


Jillian101805 (19).jpg (95829 bytes)

Aleksis Kivi, the most awesome finnish author, and I

After school on Wednesday, September 14th, 

I went to a concert in Joensuu with my friends from school

Jillian092905 (2).jpg (64308 bytes)

Stamina Fans

Jillian092905 (3).jpg (93177 bytes)

Stamina, a finnish metal band

Jillian092905.jpg (67400 bytes)

MC Pöly, a finnish rapper who rapped in finnish

Jillian092905 (1).jpg (68179 bytes)


Jillian092905 (4).jpg (63095 bytes)

One of the other bands that played

Jillian092905 (5).jpg (67793 bytes)

YUP, one of the better finnish rock bands that sing in finnish

Jillian092905 (6).jpg (60861 bytes)

My friends think the singer of YUP looks like Jesus

Pictures from the district 1430 Inbound Camp in Pieksämäki

September 9th-11th

Jillian092705 (3).jpg (98270 bytes)

Most of the Girls in My District

Jillian092705 (9).jpg (116540 bytes)

Left to right: Paolo(Brasil), Nick(Switzerland), Samantha(Canada), Camilia(Brasil), Grant(Canada)

Jillian092705 (11).jpg (102537 bytes)

The Finnish kids taught us a crazy floor slapping game

Jillian092705 (12).jpg (100750 bytes)

Alastair(Australia) playing the digerido

Jillian092705 (8).jpg (123031 bytes)

Jillian092705 (5).jpg (136223 bytes)

We hiked around the lake on Saturday then stopped for lunch

Jillian092705 (6).jpg (89490 bytes)

Cooking Makara(Finnish sausage)

Jillian092705 (10).jpg (102748 bytes)

Me, Matthias(germany), Moni(Ecuador)

Jillian092705 (4).jpg (96643 bytes)

We built the fire behind us, but accidentally set off the alarm in the process

Jillian092705 (7).jpg (127316 bytes)

Some of the Australians: Caitlin, Carla, and Alastair

Jillian092705.jpg (46768 bytes)

Hiking on Saturday

Jillian092705 (1).jpg (32259 bytes)

The Crazy Pony Game


Jillian092705 (2).jpg (50619 bytes)

Me, Moni, Carmen(Mexico), Aino(Rebound who went to Mexico)


September 2, 2005

More Pictures From The Garlic Carnival


Jillian09052005.jpg (95313 bytes)

Joensuu Market Square preparing for the carnival.

Jillian09052005 (3).jpg (106351 bytes)

Typical vegetable vendors at the garlic carnival.

Jillian09052005 (2).jpg (88150 bytes)

Joensuu Theater

Jillian09052005 (6).jpg (91754 bytes)

More stands at the market square

Jillian09052005 (4).jpg (82979 bytes)

A finnish Fire Truck

Jillian09052005 (1).jpg (94451 bytes)

This building was once a school but now it is a museum.

Jillian09052005 (5).jpg (49463 bytes)

Carnival sign. (The sign reads: ''A thousand and one things to eat!'')
September 2, 2005

Jillian09022005 (1).jpg (123173 bytes)

A crazy supermarket chicken

Jillian09022005 (3).jpg (82694 bytes)

They do know about Miami.


Jillian09022005 (2).jpg (102246 bytes)

And there are McDonald's in Finland.


Jillian09022005.jpg (128728 bytes)

Bad choice of words?

Jillian09022005 (6).jpg (84177 bytes)

The Eastern Finland Army Base

Jillian09022005 (11).jpg (87006 bytes)

A beautiful lake in a town near the border of Russia.

September 2, 2005

My host sister and I visited the Eastern Finland Army Base


Jillian09022005 (4).jpg (57304 bytes)

One of the commanders at the base.

Jillian09022005 (5).jpg (91298 bytes)

One type of gun used in the army.

Jillian09022005 (8).jpg (94572 bytes)

The soldiers did some drills for the spectators.

Jillian09022005 (9).jpg (72938 bytes)

More drills.

Jillian09022005 (7).jpg (98814 bytes)

The tent in this picture is what the soldiers sleep in when they are away from the base.  14 people at a time can sleep in one of these.

September 2, 2005

My host brother, uncle, and I went fishing on the lake by our summer cottage

Jillian09022005 (10).jpg (32194 bytes)

My host brother(the big one) and little host cousin fishing at first on the dock

Jillian09022005 (14).jpg (60288 bytes)

My host brother and uncle fishing.

Jillian09022005 (12).jpg (56360 bytes)

The gorgeous lake.

Jillian09022005 (15).jpg (77057 bytes)

The tough life of an exchange student.

Jillian09022005 (13).jpg (37999 bytes)

My homemade fishing rod, created from a stick.

Jillian09022005 (16).jpg (94456 bytes)

This was some random moose we saw on our way home.  It was just walking in the middle of the street.


September 2, 2005

Scenes From the Small Finnish Town of Outokumpu

Jillian09022005 (17).jpg (82703 bytes)

One of the main roads in Outokumpu.

Jillian09022005 (18).jpg (36052 bytes)

Market Pride!

Jillian09022005 (19).jpg (106572 bytes)

An ordinary finnish car.

Jillian09022005 (20).jpg (101578 bytes)

A random boot on a wooden post. 

Jillian09022005 (21).jpg (54776 bytes)

Common finnish apartments

Jillian09022005 (22).jpg (128028 bytes)

Almost every house in Finland has a clothes line and a pretty gate.

Jillian09022005 (23).jpg (71367 bytes)

An average, ordinary wheat field.  These are everywhere.

September 1, 2005

My Host Sisters and I visited the old mine in my town.

Jillian090105 (5).jpg (91069 bytes)

Me at the old mine near my house.


Jillian090105 (2).jpg (70541 bytes)

Me at the top of the highest tower in the old mine.  In the background is a tower just like the one I am at the top of.

Jillian090105 (3).jpg (73273 bytes)

My host sister and I at the top of the tower

Jillian090105 (1).jpg (68678 bytes)

Miner evolution.

Jillian090105.jpg (98391 bytes)

Me on an old mining machine inside the mine.

Jillian090105 (4).jpg (82346 bytes)

The view of my town from on top of the tower.

My host family and I visited the summer cottage over the weekend

Jillian090105 (7).jpg (151548 bytes)

mushrooms in the woods when we went mushroom picking


Jillian090105 (6).jpg (91708 bytes)

The first mushroom I picked-Too bad it was poisonous.

Jillian090105 (17).jpg (113182 bytes)

My host aunt's house.

Jillian090105 (16).jpg (105494 bytes)

My host family's summer cottage.  It was so big that the whole cottage couldn't fit in the picture.

Jillian090105 (11).jpg (85660 bytes)

My first host family (right to left-my host sister Heidi, my host mom Hilkka, my host brother Juho)

Jillian090105 (8).jpg (76823 bytes)

Me in a church by a lake we visited.

At the Beach

Jillian090105 (14).jpg (79221 bytes)

Me on the dock before my host brother, uncle, and I went fishing.

Jillian090105 (15).jpg (65798 bytes)

The sun always shines over the lakes.

Jillian090105 (10).jpg (81281 bytes)

Me lying on the "beach" in Finland

Jillian090105 (9).jpg (75875 bytes)

Me on the "beach" again.  Since there is no ocean on the eastern coast of Finland, people go to lake beaches.

Jillian090105 (12).jpg (122470 bytes)

My host sister and I built a sandcastle.

Jillian090105 (13).jpg (118862 bytes)

The Finnish Beach
August 21, 2005

jillian082005.jpg (146184 bytes)

The language camp I stayed at for a week in Karkku

jillian082005 (2).jpg (140751 bytes)

A mix of scandinavian architechture in Tampere.

jillian082005 (1).jpg (118251 bytes)

The view from the top of the highest hill in Tampere.

jillian082005 (3).jpg (180584 bytes)

My host sisters from my first and second families, me, and some old goats.  My first host family used to own them, but now they don't.

jillian082005 (5).jpg (115433 bytes)

A finnish mailbox.  It took me several days to find this in order to mail a few letters.

jillian082005 (4).jpg (165801 bytes)

Me and the goats again.

jillian082005 (6).jpg (148367 bytes)

Me in the car going to the Garlic Carnival in Joensuu.  I was quite tired.

jillian082005 (8).jpg (158562 bytes)

A tiny little car at the Garlic Carnival.

jillian082005 (9).jpg (135934 bytes)

Interesting european manequins

jillian082005 (7).jpg (141066 bytes)

Typical of a Garlic Carnival

jillian082005 (10).jpg (130064 bytes)

A picture of a picture of everyone at the language camp.  Once again I am hidden-this time by a mexican flag.

***Unfortunatley I am not in most of the pictures of part one and part two of these emails with pictures because most of the people I encountered didn't have a clue how to work my camera.  In the future, most of the pictures will have me in them***

August 6 2005
Jillian departed for Finland

jillian08060501.jpg (90779 bytes)

Jillian and her Dad, Mike

jillian08060502.jpg (78839 bytes)

Katlin, Lisa, Jillian, Mike and Conny

jillian08060503.jpg (58673 bytes)

She's ready to go...

jillian08060504.jpg (74368 bytes)

Katlin, Jillian and Lisa

jillian08060505.jpg (53317 bytes)

One last photo with Dad