Conny's Pictures

Some Conny Pictures

Posted June 11, 2006


Conny gets recognized by the Douglas Interact club

A hug from advisor Lauren Rosa

The Evil Interact twins

At Belen's graduation ceremony

The Graduate????

Best Buds

With the lovely and charming Ms. Mott


With Daniel and Charly


After a tough year, some time at the beach

"I like this!"

American Barbecue

At the International

Fishing Hall of Fame

(not really - it is a picture

at Fort Lauderdale airport!)

So much for airport security! 

Look what they let it!!!  :-)

Conny does the M.S Douglas Prom

These are the preparation pictures

See final pictures below

Prom Preparations


Done by Belen's Mom Miss Pat

Workin' on da hair


Nice corsage


Check it OUT!

Real cutie

The footwear

Ms. Kleint

Conny and Belen's prom pictures

Click HERE

Conny does Easter - Florida style

Plastic eggs - but there is still chocolate!

Filling the Easter basket

Looking for 24 "eggs"

OK, so they weren't that hard to find

Chocolate time!

Conny's parents with host Mom, Chris

Miss Pat, Belen's host Mom doing photo magic

Nice photo with Belen

Conny with parents, host and real

Conny's parents visit

Posted April 13, 2006


Ralf, Conny , Sylvia and Charlie (not Charly - that is someone else!)

An excited Conny with Mom and Dad

Where's Conny?

Conny with host family, real Mom and Dad, Belen's host family and Roy and Judy Joseph

Conny Surfs,  ............  sort of

February 25, 2006

So far, so good!


Conny and Belen

Belen, Conny and Lorina

Conny and Javier Garcia, Conny's sister's host brother and former Outbound to Taiwan and current surfer dude :-)

Conny Swims with Dolphins

February 18, 2006

Grassy Key

At the

Dolphin Research Center

Shaking hands

Petting a dolphin

Belen - eat your heart out :-)

The waiter from

Little Italy

Being pushed through the water

Better than Jet Skis

A spit fight!



and other stuff

February 14, 2005

She has a lot of friends

Conny and the stuff

Raspberries AND Chocolate!

Awwww - she got a rose


Amazing :-)

Power meal

Conny and Chuck watch TV in front of the fire

Conny and Belen go to the Keys

January 14, 2006

Keys Sunset

Best Friends

At the "Blue Hole" on Big Pine Key

Big Pine flea market

The bridge at Bahia Honda, with a couple of clowns

Self portrait

A big lobster

in Islamorada

Conny goes to Nashville, Tennessee for Christmas!

At the Wildhorse Saloon, a Nashville landmark

Breakfast at the famous Loveless Cafe

The Country Music Hall of Fame

Elvis' gold Cadillac

An American institution

Conny was the only exchange student to get to see the Osborne Brothers sing "Rocky Top" live!  WOW!

The lights at the hotel

Studio where Elvis, Roy Orbison and many others recorded thousands of hits

Conny decorating Christmas tree  - this is only part of the hotel suite!

Showing off her Christmas present

Love this hotel!

Conny and Host Mom on ice sleigh

Words to live by

Painting Conny did of Gavin Degraw and Gwen Stefani for her host sister Jessica

On the plane coming home

Conny and Belen go to the King Tut Exhibit in Fort Lauderdale

December 19, 2005

Notice the high heels on Conny :-)

December 13, 2005

Some updated Conny pictures

Displaying her "Girly" outfit!

Looks better than the jeans!

Conny does some outside lights

Conny and Host Mom Chris

do some tinkering

With Chuck, one of 4 cats

Love this tree

Doing the lights

The first ornament

In Key West after Thanksgiving


In her Model Mode

November 12, 2005

Some of Conny's family comes for a short visit

Just a LITTLE hyper before Mom gets here

The arrival


"See, I didn't gain weight - even with all the chocolate!"

Conny's aunt, Grandma, Mom and Great Aunt (with Conny, of course!)

we have no clue who the guy in the background is  :-)

Conny has a new pet

Finds a turtle in the family pool

You can tell this is an exciting host family  :-)

Conny and "Cucumber"

Isn't that cute

Kind of like "Where's Waldo"

A bonding moment

NOTE:  Cucumber was set free, healthy, on November 13th

Conny had a great time (?) at a concert

The Trans Siberian Orchestra at the Seminole Hard Rock

Papa Ralf -


Alligator wrestling Conny

Where we were!


About the picture below -

don't ask!

Sort of a hurricane thing!


Hurricane Wilma - Continued

Conny's host family's house got hit pretty hard by the hurricane and as of November 1 the electricity has not been restored.  But she has had a few things to do.  Here are some pictures:

After the storm - just one of the trees down

Doing a great job helping taking down the shutters

It was not easy work!


Carving a pumpkin in the dark

Sponge Bob - who else?

Cooking by gas lantern

Conny the dish washer/dryer

This is cool!  Blueberry muffins - on a gas grill!  It took real imagination!


Quality time with the family - OK, the family dog, Yellow Dog

October 23

Hurricane Wilma

Conny was a BIG help to her host family, and that is not a joke at all.  She really proved that she is truly a member of that family!

Conny has a Sponge Bob Birthday Party!

October 15th


Happy 17th!

OK, her birthday is actually the 19th!

Single and fabulous!

The old farts got into the spirit of the day

This very strange individual wandered into Conny's party

Lots of Sponge Bobs

Even Charlie (not to be confused with Charly) got in to the party mood - sort of

Conny goes to a wedding

and does a quick change

Conny is so bored at her host family she has renewed her interest in painting.  So here are some pictures of her recent efforts.

The Start

The final picture

Another original "Kleint"

October 2 - Panthers Game

Conny and Stanley Panther


It's a LONG story!

Panthers won, thanks to Conny's help of course

At the game

We know that Conny doesn't have a sister - but wouldn't it be funny if she did, and if her sister had also been to a game 2 years ago, and she wore the same jacket?


September 30 - Marlins Game

Conny joined the members of her host Rotary Club (Coral Springs - PARKLAND Rotary, right Conny!) at a Marlins game and sat with the Jannettys  Mike, Janice and Mike Jr. - her second host family.

This time it was a night game - a little cooler than the last time!

Mike, a hiding Janice, Conny and Mike Jr.

Never try to hide from the roving photographer!

This picture is a JOKE!!!


Besides no self respecting German would drink that stuff anyway

This picture is not a joke - she actually had fun with Rotarians

Stadium Identity Crisis

September 29 - Phantom of the Opera

Conny goes to the Broward Performing Arts Center for the Phantom

She thought she was getting her picture with a famous actor -

she didn't :-)

Outside the theater

Yes she actually went inside the theater!

September 27 - Conny does her Rotary program

Free, great breakfast


Her home, and a terrific video program

September 25 - The Florida Keys

A quick stop at Robbies to feed the tarpon


The fish

** The one bad thing about having a host dad that can edit these pages is that your face appears on the internet more than you really care to have it appear!  :-)

September 17  - Beach Clean-up/Marlins Game

Conny "volunteered" to participate in the Broward County Beach Clean-up that started at 9 am on a Saturday morning.  Those that know Conny know that 9 am Saturday morning is NOT a good time for her to start anything.  But as a member of the Douglas High School Interact club, and with local playmate Deana, and her sister Stephanie, they ventured forth.

Proof positive that Conny picked something up - or at least bent over

Conny and Deana


Conny and Stephanie conferring on where to go next to clean up the beach

One thing Conny did try to pick up but unfortunately

 her host Dad would not let her bring him hone


Conny at the game

It was a little HOT!!!!

September 5, 2005

conny09052005(1).jpg (80430 bytes)

Conny and Deana Nunez (her local playmate) in front of the Marathon K-Mart "Wyland Wall"

conny09052005(2).jpg (146568 bytes)

Conny meets next host family

conny09052005(3).jpg (102339 bytes)

Conny and Deana at Theater of the Sea (duh)

August 27, 2005

Conny does a Dolphin game

Doing model pose outside stadium

Hmmmmm, is this how they wear the helmets

Football and........... PIZZA?

At the game

August 22, 2005

Florian's Birthday Luau

conny082005a.jpg (88460 bytes)

Sonja and Conny

conny082005a (1).jpg (130425 bytes)

The Group

conny082005a (2).jpg (95682 bytes)

Robi & Conny

August 21, 2005

conny082005(1).jpg (47157 bytes)

Conny's first Keys sunset picture

conny082005(5).jpg (44513 bytes)

Conny & Sonja

conny082005(8).jpg (182296 bytes)

Tough life as an exchange student

August 7, 2005

conny08070501.jpg (84738 bytes)

Conny with host families Bob and Chris White, Mike, Janice and Mike Jr. Jannetty and Yellow Dog.

August 6, 2005

conny08030501.jpg (96564 bytes)

Conny and the American bagel

conny08040501.jpg (148655 bytes)

Conny's new school

conny08060502.jpg (94415 bytes)

Fourth day in Florida, third trip to the mall

conny08060501.jpg (86203 bytes)

Another successful shopping trip!

Conny arrives in Miami - August 2, 2005

connyleaves2.jpg (134302 bytes)

Conny's friends bid her farewell.  In the group picture her sister, Charly, who was here 2 years ago is second from right, back row. 

connyleaves1.jpg (70112 bytes)

Conny leaves Germany

conny1.jpg (73908 bytes)

Conny with host parents, Chris and Bob White

conny3.jpg (89247 bytes)

Conny with her welcome banner

conny4.jpg (91343 bytes)

Lorina, Sonja, Conny & Robi