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I went to one of the worlds largest Fantasy Parties...its is kind of like a halloween party, but it has nothing to do with halloween, but everyone dresses up. it was about 16 thousand people. it was great! i met a lot of people too.  December 6, 2004

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Roei with his new host family

More Photos from Brazil - November 5, 2004

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Gabi and I at a night club called Acustico. We are classmates and very good friends.

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Ana Paula and I at the same night club. We had a lot of fun dancing and just having fun. Along with her came her boyfriend Igor and her younger sister (Marina) and her friend (Anfissa)

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(Left to Right) Nicolas and Leon (German Exchange Students), Anfissa our Brazilian friend that lived in Ohio for 6 years, and I all at the same night club.

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The guys with a JP shirt work for Jovem Pan – the number 1 teen radio station in Brazil . The girl is a volunteer who was passing out stickers and pens for Jovem Pan. Nicolas is the German exchange student in the red shirt, and me in blue. We got to speak live on the radio and say “Oi, boa noite Brasil” which translates to “Hey, good night Brazil ” which is actually a greeting, not a farewell

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7:20 am Tuesday after the accident, luckily its not my blood


(Read my report for more details)

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the car after the accident. shattered windows, back left tier is broken, and the 2 girls in the back just happen to be there and see it

Well the Brazilian keyboard is messed up. not completely like Luis's French keyboard but also a little messed up. Here's a picture of it. October 13, 2004

Roei sent new pictures on September 27, 2004

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Here I am with my host brother and sister in front of a touristy building in Curitiba


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That's me with Shivani (Exchange Student from India) at the O Rappa Concert

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This is me at a concert where my friend Nicolas' brother is playing. The other one in the picture is Nicolas from Germany.


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That's me with my host brother, Alessandro in a party in Curitiba

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This is with my host sister, Andressa at the same party

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That's me & Shivani from India and Cody from Australia

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These are the German exchange students in my district at my first orientation (Gustavo, Thomas, Leon & Fridrisch)

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That's me and my friend Gabi


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Me and my friend Nicolas, a German exchange student

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This is me and my friend Bellinha, she left on exchange yesterday to Acuña, Mexico from Londrina, Brazil - August 22, 2004

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This is a bunch of my firends at Bellinha´s going away party in a hotel - August 22, 2004

"Brazil is awesome.  I love this place!!  I was born in the wrong country..."  August 9, 2004

This is me with 2 girls I met at a BBQ


I think this is my host cousin...and yes, he's very drunk, and I'm playing along...hahaha

Roei sends his first pictures from Brazil - July 25, 2004

Roei's comments about Brasil..."This place ROOOOX!!!"

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Roei left for Brazil on July 24.  Here are pictures of him packing and getting ready to leave.

Roei Packing

Roei Packing

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Mom will make it fit

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Roei is ready to go!

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We're off to the airport!