Andrea's Pictures

Andrea returns to Italy - July 6, 2003

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Andrea with Mike and Janice Jannetty

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Pat and Sam Hornsby and Mike and Janice Jannetty - Andrea's host families for the year - and we can NOT forget BARKLEY!

Below are some pictures of Andrea in a Coral Springs City League Basketball game.  His team won this game (they are the home team on the score board) and ended up winning the league championship two nights later.  In the audience was Charly Kleint from last year.  April 4, 2005
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District Conference -  December 10, 2004
Disney trip - December 02-05, 2004
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Andrea went to the Interact Conference and then to the Sleepover - November 20, 2004
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Andrea went to Ft.Lauderdale Beach with Adri, Dani, Miki and Xavi - November 06, 2004
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Andrea went to the House of Terror-October 30, 2004
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Bob White took Andrea to the Douglas High Homecoming game - his first.  

These are pictures of Andrea with the game in the background, a couple of the band and Douglas lovelies, the game in action and Andrea in front of the scoreboard showing Douglas winning 49 - 20.  October 15, 2004

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Bowling - October 16, 2004 

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Andrea enjoys his Pizza

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Checking his raffle tickets

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Bowling and waiting

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Beating his counselor

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Making a bowling shoe fashion statement (it is hard to tell which are the bowling shoes and which are his!)

Inbound Sleepover - September 30, 2004

Beach - October 1, 2004

Andrea exchanges banners with his Rotary Club - September 28, 2004

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On Thursday, September 2nd, 2004, Andrea awoke with great anticipation of five days off from school filled with naps, snacks, TV and general lollygagging.  Alas, it was not to be.  Several hours later he found himself in the steaming jungles of South Merritt Island, Brevard County, Florida, boarding up the home of Grandmother Hornsby.  Andrea was a huge help to host-Dad Sam and Host-Aunt Renee, as they secured Grandmother's house and brought her back to Broward county for safety during Hurricane Frances. 

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Andrea Dines with his Current and Future Host Families - August 29, 2004

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Current and future hosts

  Front row is host mother to be Laura Norat and host grandma Mama Vaninni; 

back row is current host dad Sam Hornsby, Andrea and future host dad Joe Norat.

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Andrea diving into one of Mama Vaninni's cannolis - he is gonna like it there!

Andrea visits the Everglades - August 28, 2004

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This is where he went


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Andrea prepares to ride air boat

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It gets pretty loud!

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A view from the airboat

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The Everglades

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An alligator

Andrea is spending a few days at the "White" house (Bob & Chris White)

Here he is flipping hamburgers for the first time - August 26, 2004

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Andrea does the Jungle Queen - August 22, 2004

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Cruising through Ft. Lauderdale on the Jungle Queen

Andrea04-08-23_02.JPG (86570 bytes)

Andrea meets real alligators

Andrea04-08-23_03.JPG (98304 bytes)

But he stays on the OTHER side of the wall

Andrea04-08-23_04.JPG (77015 bytes)

First, ya gotta get his attention

Andrea04-08-23_05.JPG (82860 bytes)

My...what big teeth you have!

Andrea04-08-23_06.JPG (75356 bytes)

Don't try this at home!

Andrea attended his first Rotary meeting on August 17, 2004 with his host club,

The Rotary Club of Coral Springs - Parkland

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Andrea socializes with some of his fellow Inbounds - August 14, 2004

Maria Barona 

(Outbound to Italy)

Polly and Yuki with Andrea

Sophie gives Andrea her card


Andrea arrived on August 9, 2004 and was met by his first host family, Pat & Sam Hornsby

Yep, he's legal.JPG (84516 bytes)

Yep, he's legal

Walkin' the walk at MIA.JPG (83749 bytes)

Walkin' the walk at MIA

Roy records the event.JPG (89031 bytes)

Roy records the event

Help, I've landed and I can't go back.JPG (91285 bytes)

Happy to have him

Bob, Roy and HostDad Sam Hornsby await.JPG (85755 bytes)

Bob, Roy and Host Dad Sam

Happy to have him .JPG (84650 bytes)

Andrea with new host parents

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Andrea with Pat & Sam Hornsby

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Andrea is here!