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Posted June 5, 2004


Posted May 9, 2004

River Surfing

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Posted April 26, 2004


Posted April 14, 2004

Captions by Javier

(with spelling corrections by the web nerd)

I met the representative of the  President of Rotary. at the District Conference,  Mr. Eiji Oshima. from Japan.

me being me.

I was in the newspaper here, The pic was taken in Shuili. There's this this plant they grow here its like a tobacco. Tastes funny. But no foreigners like it. The irony is that the sign for the stand is in English. NO one in Shuili but me reads English. They did an article about PINLUNG "chewing gum" And how its against the law and how foreigners don't like it. But the Taiwanese love it. But they needed a model so I was chosen from the so many foreigners of Shuili. ahhaaha


Posted April 10, 2004

Captions by Javier

Getting out of the water after some good surf.

Vanessa and i at the souths point of Taiwan

The waves at my favorite spot from the road.

Teaching Plum.

Teaching Plum.

I work for god and i have to help him

 lower the sun some times,

I hold the sun in the palm of my hand


Posted March 11, 2004

Javier in a Taipei Train Station


Posted January 21, 2004

Drinking Snake Blood!

Eating Snake! "Tastes like chicken!"

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Posted January 5, 2004

Javier in Taiwan


Posted December 21, 2003

Javier Promotes Naval Oranges!


Posted November 19, 2003

Javier gets a haircut


Posted November 13, 2003

Making Cuban Coffee in Taiwan!

Hot springs


Posted November 3, 2003

Javier in Taiwan



Posted October 22, 2003

Javier and Host Cousin


Surf Pictures from Taiwan

Posted October 14, 2003


Posted October 1, 2003

Perfect Waves in Taiwan


Pictures from Taiwan

Posted September 24, 2003

Yup, that's him

in the picture!

About to do 10K.

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"Macho Macho Man"


Javier Arrives in Taiwan!!

Javier's arrival in Taiwan

View from front door

Home Sweet Home!