Stephan's Pictures


Posted June 9, 2004

Stephan leaves

June 4th, 2004

Stephan and host Mom

 Penny Madden

Tschuess, Stephan!


Posted March 27, 2004

Dinner with Rotary President

Charly and Stephan

with RI President

JONATHAN B. MAJIYAGBE,  of Kano, Nigeria

The Germans

Stephan, Charly and Arne

That "Deer in the Headlights" look!


The Prez addressing the group


Posted November 30, 2003

Stephan's Thanksgiving trip to Huston, Texas

NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston.

With Stephan are Host Dad Dan, Host uncle Dave,

 the one in yellow is Host Bro Robert,

and the other three are Host Cousins (left to right) Tyler,
Sean, and Michael.

Picture captions provided by photographer and Host Dad, Dan Madden

"The boys are in front of a T-38 trainer that the astronauts use to train
in. Stephan, Robert and cousins."

"OK. It is a goofy picture but I thought that I would send it anyway. We are
standing in front of the Saturn V rocket (Apollo missions). That is one of the five main engines. (aside) they burn 15 tons of fuel a second !!! They
had the whole assembly there split out by sections. An engineering

"A little bit more refined picture"

"Stephan on the flight deck of a shuttle. We walked up about 7 flights of stairs to get to it.!"

"Thanksgiving Day. This is at my brother's house in Houston (Dave). There is
(Host Mom) Penny, Robert, nephews, mother-in-law, etc family members. Stephan is quite
anxious to begin eating and wanted me to hurry up. Notice the plate of food there (1st helping)."

"Stephan is studying his food trying to optimize his eating patterns."


"This is the limo ride back from the airport. Penny and I have never seen him smile so big as when he got into this stretch limo."


Posted November 4, 2003

Stephan's 16th birthday - with host brother Robert

Birthday "loot"!

With high school swimming coach at Hall of Fame pool in

Fort Lauderdale


Posted October 1, 2003

Host Brother Robert

with Host Dog

8:00 AM Saturday

Swim Practice

Host Dad Dan Madden and Stephan

 at the golf course

Getting ready

Good form so far ...

Outdrives Host Dad!

Stephan with Inbound Michelle (far right)

In the middle - Stephan's Host Brother Robert, Michelle's Host Sisters Sara and Megan, and in the back Penny Madden, Stephan's Host Mom


Where does the Swim Club go for fun??

A water park.

Above, Stephan at Rapid Waters Park


First day of school pictures

Posted September 20, 2003

Stephan and host dog

host brother Robert

...and host dog


Stephan addresses host Rotary Club

Rotary Club of Coral Springs - Parkland

September 16, 2003

With Host Dad

Dan Madden

He has their attention!

Telling about Nuess,


Stephan and Charly with

Club President Drew Bartoszek


Stephan Arrives - August 15, 2003

Host Mom Penny is ready


Host Club President Drew Bartoszek is ready


Committee Chair Roy is ready, and telling Drew that he is.


Host Brother Sponge Bob Square Square Pants is ready



Stephan and

Drew Bartoszek

Host Club President

"I'm here Mom - alles gut!!"