Charly's Pictures


Posted July 11, 2004

Charly goes home!

Looking thrilled!

Chary and Arne about to board

Great Welcome home Crowd!

Sister Conny is in  front row


Posted May 2, 2004

Charly gets a tattoo -

mother faints!

Charly ....

with Charlie!


Posted April 26, 2004

Charly and Aino go to the Keys

Tanned and looking the wrong way for the sunset

Sunset day one

Charly catches a fish!

Sunset day two

Trying to catch something bigger - and she did - a grouper!!

OOPS - no picture of it - the photographer had to take the hook out of the fish!

Breakfast by the Bay


This does NOT have an engine!


Charly actually took this picture!

The German flag

flies over the Keys

OK, ANOTHER looking

wrong way sunset picture


Posted April 2, 2004

Charly's family visits

The Kleint Family in the Keys

Charly and sister Connie fishing

Mother Sylvia and dinner!

Not really!

Charly Cooks!!!

Charly harasses host family cat -

named Charlie!

Some may ask why Charly has so many pictures on this site.  The answers:

1. Her family in Germany visits this site so many times I think we have a Guinness World Record

2.  She lives close to the Web Nerd and is a pain in the ass about posting her pictures - the other students could do the same!


Posted March 28, 2004

Charly's Art Shown at Showcase of the Arts

Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School

featuring schools from all over Broward County


Posted March 27, 2004

Dinner with Rotary President

Charly and Stephan

with RI President

JONATHAN B. MAJIYAGBE,  of Kano, Nigeria

The Germans

Stephan, Charly and Arne

It was



The Prez addressing the group



Posted March 21, 2004

Charly's parents fly into Fort Myers for a vacation.  They do not expect to see her for two weeks.  But her kind, thoughtful, friendly, loving and accommodating Host Dad :-) took her to Fort Myers to surprise the Kleint family upon arrival.

The balloons are ready

A father and child reunion

Mom and Dad hug!

Sister Connie gets hugged as well

Mom and Charly

Connie and Nemo balloon, kind of


Posted March 16, 2004

Bianca and Charly do LINKIN PARK!


Posted March 14, 2004

Charly gets a tattoo, and drives Host Dad crazy until the pictures are posted!!

Don't worry Mom, it's fake!


Some new pictures from Charly

Charly with temporary host family Sam and Pat Hornsby

What did Charly do at Hornsby's??

Sleep until noon

Lie down a lot

Lie down by the pool

Charly's REAL Mom -

they check these pages every day!

When Charly complains about how cold it is here - this is her back yard in Germany!


Posted January 25, 2004

Charly does Morikami Park with Pierre and

Pierre's Host Mom Jeannie Bibergall and son Edi Bibergall

Link to Morikami Park Web Site

The Gardens

This ain't German!!!

Charly eats SUSHI!!!!

For REAL!!


Posted January 22, 2004


Chef Extraordinaire!


Posted January 21, 2004

Charly and Everglades National Park

Charly and Florida Panther friend

Charly tries to feed her fingers to a gator

Now this is a REAL gator!

Super Model pose

Close up of a cormorant

Charly, the Fresh Fruit

Displaying German fashion sense

Aboard Ernest Hemingway's

boat the Pilar

Charly's new Host Dad


Posted January 18, 2004

Charly and Aino do a hockey game

The Panthers won!  And the 2 goals they scored were scored by a Finn!


Posted January 11, 2004

Marlene and Charly do New Years in the Everglades

(Quoted captions by Marlene)

"Charly and me at new years"

"John, Mrs. Just, Charly and me"

"No one disturbs us playing lord of the rings"

"Uuuuuuuuh huge Chocolate chip cookies"

"On the way to the everglades"


"Trying to play lord of the rings ( we never finished.)"

"Burning the Christmas trees"

"The House"

"That's all we did: RELAX!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"Charly and me"


"Did someone say food?"

New Year's Eve

A little fireworks

The Everglades

Don't mess with these two!!!

They actually SLEPT in that tent!!

Marlene, Charly, John and friends

The girls actually scared THEM!

The tough life of an exchange student

Sunset in the Everglades

Charly and Chip Harrison


Posted December 18, 2003

Every once in a while the guys have to get up early and do something nice for others.  On December 13 Aino, Charly and Pierre go up early on a Saturday and go to a park in Fort Lauderdale to take part in a Cub Scout "Bike-a-thon" with a local group of cub scouts.  Each of the scouts got a hand written message from each of the guys written in Finnish, German or French.  The efforts were much appreciated.

Getting ready

A few show up

The masses arrive!

Merry Christmas in German

Pierre and Charly sigh the kids' cards...

...and so does Aino!


Posted December 15, 2003

Charly at Disney!

Marlene, Charly and Goofy

(or is that 3 goofies?)

Charly and her Homecoming Date

Charly with Chip and Dale -

but which is Chip and which is Dale?

Charly and THE MAN


Charly and the Mouse


Posted December 1, 2003

Charly does her slide show at Host Rotary Club

She loves giving speeches!

Her home in Germany

Charly in the Bahamas

Kiss a dolphin!

Pick-up truck Beauties

Eat your hears out in cold Germany!

Bianca and Charly at Tiano Beach


With Arne

No comment!



Charly goes to a University of Miami Football Game

November 8, 2003

Posted November 9, 2003

First real football game

"Let's se, what do I know about football??"

Charly and Host Dad Rafael

Pre-game ceremonies

Where it all happened

Host Dad, Charly and hot dog; or is it Charly and TWO hot dogs?? :-)

Why guys like football games

The UM mascot -

the Ibis, right Charly??

Yes there really was a game!

Bummer - UM lost

After the game at the Orange Bowl

Spotted on the way home - a DOUBLE rainbow!



Grandma does dinner

It ain't weiner schhnitzel!!



Pictures from Charly

Posted October 6, 2003

Charly's Crab!

Getting ready to go skating

Saturday night

At the Galaxy Skateway

Host Sister Noey

and friend


Pictures from Charly

Posted September 24, 2003

Charly with the pool, feeling happy;-))

Charly in the kitchen with typical American food...

(green ketchup and Twinkies!)

Charly with all her little friends.....Memories of Germany & friends   

(in her room)

Miami Beach;-)) 


Charly does her first Rotary Presentation at

Rotary Club of Coral Springs - Parkland

September 16, 2003

Addressing the group

She LOVES this!!

With Host Dad

Rafael Garcia

Charly and Stephan with

Club President Drew Bartoszek


Posted Sept 7, 2003

"My Best Friend!"


Some pictures from Charly

Posted September 6, 2003

"My new home"

...with an alligator

in the back yard!!!

(They don't have THOSE

in Hannover!!)

"Charly with a famous Spanish

 rapper, but she hasn't

 known him before..."


Charly and a cook out

Charly and a great American Hot Dog!

Host Dad Rafael works the grill

Host sister Noelle, right out of the pool


Charly got a "cake" at Orientation!


First Rotary Meeting --- at 7:30 in the morning!!

All smiles

Charly with club's soon to be Outbound to Taiwan, Javier Garcia (also her host brother)


Charly Arrives - August 16, 2003



"Is somebody going to meet me??"


Arne and Charly see their host families - "we are here"


A little tired, but she appears happy


With the host family - Noelle, Carmen, Charly, Javier and Rafael

Host mom Carmen and Host Sister Noelle with Charly

Committee Chair Roy Joseph meets Charly - don't worry Mom, he is harmless!

In and Out

Charly with Host brother Javier, soon to leave for Taiwan