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Kathi Leaves

July 23, 2003

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Host Mom Jeannie and host Brother Edi await Kathi's arrival at MIA

Kathi with Outbound Avary who spent the year in Kathi's home in Austria

Kathi with sister Magda and part of a year's worth of "stuff"

Getting close

Is this ticket good??

Three Bottig Exchange Students

all hosted in District 6990 by the Coral Springs-PARKLAND club

Claudia, Kathi and Rebekka

Outbounds Avary (Austria) and Edi (Japan) with the Bottig girls

Ready to travel



JULY 12, 2003

Kathi attends one of her last Rotary Meetings

July 1, 2003

Posted April 13, 2003

Kathi does a Marlin Game - Miami - April 11, 2003

CÚline, Kathi and Kathi's cousin Tiffany

Baseball game = Hot Dog!!


Kathi and CÚline go for it

Ralph shows up too-

and steals the peanuts and popcorn


Tiffany, Celine, Kathi and Ralph

Yes, there was a game

They are famous


Pictures Posted March 26, 2003

Kathi with Aurore, Ralph, Dˇri, Maria and Miriam at Bayside and the Hard Rock

Pictures posted January 17, 2003

Ski Chalet in North Carolina

Kathi participating in the City of Coral Springs Holiday Parade

(that is actually the Swiss flag!!)

Pictures posted January 15, 2003


Kathi with host cousins

Christmas in the US - host cousin Tiffany at the right

After Christmas Kathi went with a group or Venture Crew members to North Carolina for some snowboarding.  Venture Crew is a Scouting affiliate.

Group shot

Kathi, center, gets ready

The kid from Austria snowboards for the first time!!!!

Posted December 21, 2002

Some pictures of Kathi at Disney World

Kathi, Astri and friend



Kathi and Jelka

Astri, Jelka and Kathi

Posted December 1, 2002

Every once in a while old pictures show up!!

Kathi with Host Mom Jeannie and exchange student Jelka at House of Terror in Miami in October

The whole group at Kathi's birthday party

Posted November 13, 2002

Kathi participated in a short tour of the city of Coral Springs sponsored by a city sponsored organization entitled "International Partnerships".  The tour involved many of the exchange students in this city.  The next day Kathi was asked to address 200+ middle school students who were selected to participate in a "Diversity Training" day, and she spoke about being an exchange student - something she knows a lot about.  And on October 31 she participated in a Halloween event in Miami - pictures of all are below.

Ice in Florida??  The practice rink for the Florida Panthers of the NHL, in Coral Springs

Kathi with other exchange students at the internationally known aquatics center in Coral Springs

With the Mayor of Coral Springs (center with tie) and International Partnerships members.

She got a free buffet dinner out of it!!

Addressing the middle school kids

Taking questions from the audience

This really IS Kathi!

What would they think back home??

With Jelka, Germany

Posted October 26, 2002

Kathi goes BOWLING  !?!?!

Kathi participated with her host Rotary Club, Rotary Club of Coral Springs - Parkland, at their annual charity Bowl-a-thon, an event that they hold for the sole purpose of embarrassing their Inbound exchange students!

Having fun so far

Kathi and Host Mom Jeannie Bibergall try to decide if this is a good idea

Getting ready....

On the move....

Is she bowling - or doing the "Chicken Dance"???

Kathi and host cousin Tiffany win a door prize

Her first game score!!

For the REAL score, click here

Bowling fashion statement

Kathi has a birthday party

Posted October 3, 2002

Probably the first time in an outdoor pool at birthday time!

A bunch of the other exchange students showed up

Great American food - hamburgers, cheeseburgers, chicken and RIBS!

Time for the cake

Blew them all out at once

Very nice cake

She gets the first piece - and it's chocolate

Pat Hornsby (left) of the sponsor Rotary club, and Roy Joseph


Checking out the presents

Pictures Posed October 1, 2002

Kathi does her Rotary Presentation at Host Club

She is just thrilled!

Presenting club president with Baden's banner

Austrian hat!!  (Not!)

Pictures posted September 15, 2002

Kathi and Host Mom Jeannie Bibergall and Host Cousin Tiffany went to Rainbow Springs State Park (click for web site) to tube the Rainbow River for a camping outing, and lived to tell about it.  Here are the pictures.

Tough work!

Kathi and Tiffany on a nature trail

Now this is CLEAR water

Kathi and Tiffany

Gotta have the Youth Exchange t-shirt on!

Host Mom Jeannie

Are we having fun or what??

In Homosassa Springs at the manatee sanctuary

Home Sweet Home



Exchange students can sleep ANYWHERE!

Schnitzel mit kraut on a grill!

Back to reality - first day of school!

Kathy attends her first Rotary Meeting- August 20, 2002 at 7:30 in the MORNING!!

Pictures Posted August 17, 2002

Former club presidents Gloria Rossomano (left) and Pat Short Hornsby (right) and Host Mom Jeannie Bibergall (center) greet Kathi at Miami International Airport.  The guy is a tourist just passing by and wanted to have his picture taken.

Banner made by Rotarian Vic Dover of the South Miami Rotary Club

"Expectant Mothers" 

Jeannie, Gloria and Pat await Kathi's arrival

The balloons are ready


Ralph and Kathi arrive

Their first greeting - airport security!

Just like movie stars - the people in the back are wondering who these important people are!



Who is Helmut??  Ask Kathi!

It all fit in the car - thank goodness


Kathi with host Mom and Grandmom

It's HOT - but she looks happy at her new home for a while