Edi's Page

Edi with Avary (left) Outbound to Austria

In between are Claudia, Kathi and Rebekka Bottig from Austria, Avary's host sisters and all having been hosted in District 6990

Kathi spent this year in Edi's home while he was in Japan

There, got it???

Edi returns home from Japan

June 24, 2003

The flight is on time!!

Host sister Inbound Kathi about to meet host brother

In the words of Paul Simon:

"The mother and child reuniion is only a moment away"


Happy embrace

Been almost a year

Edi meets Kathi

A happy family scene

Edi with luggage, doing his Japanese thing


Pictures posted April 19, 2003

Edi in Hiroshima, Japan

"the view from my hotel room"

i "after just got out of the hot spring and this is me in the bath kimono"

Picture posted April 3, 2003

Cherry Blossom Time in Japan

Pictures posted March 13, 2003

Pictures from Edi's cell phone camera!!

"this is one of my favorite places to go and no not the park. this is the top floor of a building i know. i really like the view"

This is the view outside his window one morning.  He was surprised to see the snow on the trees.

This shows a snack that Edi learned to make at a festival in Kobe.  It is Mochi and  it's taste takes some getting used to. 


No comment!!


Posted February 8, 2003

Pictures from Edi - his captions too.

Titled Fujimoto house- picture at table-This is me and my host brother Toshi in the Fujimoto house

This is my room at the Fujimoto's. See that white thing on the floor, that is my bed, folded in half.

This is me and my two oldest host brothers "Hiro" and "Never at home, so I don't know his name"

Me and some friends in a McDonalds in Austrailia

Traditional Japanese "Bento" - lunch box shop

Karokeing with some friends

At school "being a lazy bum"

In front of Osaka Castle

Edi's new bedroom


 Posted October 3, 2002

Edi sends pictures from a festival in Japan

Edi (red shirt) with other exchange students